Thai Life Insurance PCL.

The first Thai-operated life insurance company under the name...Thai Life Insurance Company.It is first life insurance company built by Thai people intended to provide financial security and stability for Thai families.

Thai Life Insurance Company was established with a registered capital of 1,000,000 Baht. A new executive board changed and improved the overall organization structure to establish a modern and effective operation strategy. Thai Life Insurance had gained the experience and efficiency to operate the organization with trust of the public. Thai Life Insurance was to be the leading Life Insurance Company of Thai people from then on.

Portfolio Results

* One of the team that initiated the legendary "Emotional Story" on advertising campaign that the norm for creating the company's advertising work.The key of success business.

* 4 TACT AWARD for the best Advertising Campaign of the year.

* 3 Sariyossithorn Award for The best calendar of the year from the Public Relations Society of Thailand.

* Portfolio of Advertising

TVC : Chess
TVC : Kaijaew
TVC : Second Chance

Thai Life Insurance Public Company Limited

Advertising and Public Relations